It’s time for
new forging solutions

Take advantage of our closed die forgings
precisely adapted to your process
as a growth engine for your business.


You still think that simple, supposedly
cheap forgings are the best solution?

We don't believe that. Our successful customers grow by innovation and technology leadership. We support them with demanding forgings that give our customers advantages on their growth path. Such forgings are no mass-produced goods, no commodities, but customized solutions.


Improve your competitiveness with optimal forging solutions

We are more than a very good supplier of forgings. We love it when you explain your manufacturing process and requirements to us in detail. This allows us to offer you not just any forging, but the forging solution completely optimized to your process - made by Kampwerk, either raw or machined.

We would really appreciate giving you the proof of the advantages resulting from our customized forging solutions – made by Kampwerk.

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The joint path to the optimal forging solution for your business

A forging is only an optimum component if it is perfectly designed for your individual application. To ensure this, we coordinate thoroughly with you. We listen to you, advise you in detail and develop your optimal forging together with you down to the last detail.

Present us your requirements for forgings and talk to us about them.


Technologically challenging closed die forgings

Forgings made of high quality and engineering steel grades, as well as PHFP- and HDB steels, stainless steels, steels used for aerospace applications, high temperature steels, acid-proof steels and nickel-based alloys such as Inconel and Hastelloy.


Weight range of
0.2 to 6.0 kg


raw, machined,
heat and surface treated


in lot sizes from 25 pieces
to large-scale production

Improve your competitiveness with optimal forging solutions

  • Perfectly optimized for your process
  • Close to final contour and weight-reduced
  • With sustainable quality and high precision
  • Supported by our specialists in materials engineering
  • Optimized for mounting, machining and wear
  • Always delivered in time

Together we will find the optimal forging solution for your business.

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